Welcome to When Not All Foods Fit, a blog about nutrition, mental health, eating disorder recovery, food allergies and intolerances, dietary restrictions, gastrointestinal disorders, and overall wellness.

In recovering from disordered eating, professionals will often recommend that you follow an “all foods fit” model of eating. This means that all foods, from green salads to packaged desserts, can find a place in your diet. Although I agree that nothing should be “off limits”, I recognize that so many people have dietary limitations due to allergies, intolerances, co-occuring illnesses, or religious or ethical beliefs. I know how difficult it can be to try to figure out what on Earth you can eat.

I’m here to join with you and share what I know both from a professional standpoint as a registered dietitian nutritionist, and as someone who just can’t make all foods fit into my diet. Learn more about me here.

Are you ready to have your nutrition questions answered, manage a chronic health condition, get ideas for meals, or develop a healthier relationship with food and your body? Work with me.


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